Angela Treat Lyon

The Unexpected Stories

In 2014, I did a series of drawings for coloring books. Later, in early 2021, I had a dream where I took some of those images and changed them a bit, and then had them printed on tiles.

So I chose one of those designs and did get it made into a tile - and loved it so much I was lit on fire with idea after idea. This book is the result of some of that stream of creation.

And instead of the simple coloring images I had done before, I took them to a whole other level - multiple images within one square.

They can look quite complex at first glance, so one of the first things I do in this book is show you how to find the key image in each square, so you can 'read' the visual images.

You'll find critters, musicians, artists, computer geniuses, moms, cooks and other subject matter -

Other than the intro and the instructions in the front of the book on finding the keys to each image, there is very little text - the bulk of the book is made up of the 50+ drawings.

I hope you enjoy these - they were such fun to create!


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  • 1 downloadable pdf ebook, 91 pages

  • Size
    22.1 MB
  • Length
    91 pages
  • 1 downloadable pdf ebook, 91 pages
  • Size22.1 MB
  • Length91 pages
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