INSIDE SECRETS: Vol. II - Stories I've Never Told Anyone

Angela Treat Lyon
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In INSIDE SECRETS, Volume II, I continue to reveal the sometimes horrible, sometimes miraculous, underlying events that have impacted me and shaped my life and art. (You might want to read the first volume of INSIDE SECRETS if you have not already.) I’m told that it’s inspiring and uplifting. I hope it is for you, too.

What you’ll find:

• how I got through being raped and ended up revenged and OK

• where the ideas for the art I create come from - maybe this will inspire you

• how I discovered I had not one guardian angel...

• how being kicked out of school was one of the best gifts on my life

• how I almost died sailing across the Pacific with only one other person

• how being a female defined and dictated so many events in my life, and

• how I regained my power, finally, from it...

...and a bunch more.

All illustrated with my silly, fun, black and white critters and people.

What People Say...

You stole my heart, though the hurt and pain that you endured really got me. As I read further, though, I felt that I was with you on your rising journey... Like a horse galloping in a field of grain... Beautifully written, Angela, you inspired me to start writing again. Whenever I am feeling most lost and depressed I just recall the cover of your book, then life doesn’t seem so pointless.... What is so exciting about you is that everything you send me gets gobbled up with enthusiasm and helps me build my bridge to the future...
~ Bruce C., Master Metal Fabricator

I invite you to get INSIDE SECRETS, Volume II now -

I hope you enjoy it.

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  • A 116-page downloadable, printable pdf ebook

  • Size
    1.79 MB
  • Length
    116 pages
  • A 116-page downloadable, printable pdf ebook
  • Size1.79 MB
  • Length116 pages
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INSIDE SECRETS: Vol. II - Stories I've Never Told Anyone

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