INSIDE SECRETS: Stories I've Never Told Anyone

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People are always asking me where my ideas for my artwork come from. You'll find out in Inner Secrets. I reveal the underlying events that have impacted me and shaped my life and art. Maybe you can find inspiration for your own work there, whether or not you're an artist.

I'm told by those who have read 'Inner Secrets' that it's inspiring and uplifting - I hope it's that for you, too.

What you'll read about:

• how I got through being raped and ended up revenged

(and yet, I really wasn't OK until much later)

• and how I got to be OK

• where the ideas for the art I create come from

(everyone wants to know this - maybe this will inspire you)

• the inside scoop on my new series of strange images that have popped into being (you get to see them all)

• how a scruffy old man became one of my best friends in one of the hardest times of my life

• how I avoided a million-dollar law suit by throwing my hands up in the air

• why being a so-called 'genius' isn't the be-all, end-all, magic life-fixer-upper one might think it is...

...and a bunch more.

All illustrated with my new blue, black and white Odd Portraits.

I hope you enjoy the odd stories and my odd portraits.


OMG! Your stories are so beautiful and filled with love and hope and a powerful message saying that whatever obstacles we face, if they don't kill us, there's a promise that we will be stronger. And that strength means that we will be more compassionate and loving towards ourselves and others.

~ Andrea Amador, author of the Juicy Woman, Loving the Skin You're In

Angela, loved your book, feel like I know you so much better and I always thought you were a bit of a genius! Only sorry there wasn't more! Happy to read the next one when ready! Loved your story-telling and your expressive language. Especially love the story of the dog and the old man!

~ Brian Simons, Outsider Artist

89 pages

All text and Illustrations © by Angela Treat Lyon.

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INSIDE SECRETS: Stories I've Never Told Anyone

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