INSIDE SECRETS: Stories I've Never Told Anyone: Stone Carver in Italy: Volume VII

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INSIDE SECRETS: Stories I've Never Told Anyone: Stone Carver in Italy: Volume VII

Angela Treat Lyon
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Out of the Secret Vault...

In this immediately downloadable Ebook, you’ll read about how, by 1989, I had carved alone for ten years - self-taught, using only hand tools - hammer, chisels and rasps ... but I felt like I needed to expand, go beyond my capabilities..

I decided to learn to carve marble, using power tools. What was it like for a lone 44 year old woman to travel to Italy to study marble carving with a highly respected maestro?

What you’ll find:

• how I was told I’d never walk again after being in a car accident
• how I fired my docs and learned how to carve stone
• how I got a full, furnished apartment instead of a hotel room
• what are the odd things the Maestros wear on their heads
• how a well-known sculptor thought I’d want to ‘take a nap’ with him...
• did you know stone can bruise?
• why I pretended to be Dutch for most of my visit
• how I didn’t learn enough Italian to avoid being arrested....

...and a bunch more, with over 70+ images, and 42 of my best sculptures

What People Say...

“You don’t just write exceptionally well - what you teach is taught with your own unique style, keeping one’s attention to the final thought and word.” ~ Polly G.

“Great storytelling, beautifully told! You really are such a good writer!” ~ Stan S.

“Wow, really enjoying your writings and art” ~ Suzanne C. T.

You might want to read the first volumes of INSIDE SECRETS if you have not already. I’m told these stories are inspiring and uplifting. I'd so love it if they are for you, too.

I invite you to get Inside Secrets, Volume VII, Stone Carver in Italy, now. I hope you enjoy it.


All text and images © Angela Treat Lyon 2023.


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