How to Turn Your ANXIETY into CREATIVITY - the VIDEOS

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How to Turn Your ANXIETY into CREATIVITY - the VIDEOS

Angela Treat Lyon
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11 short videos to help you transform your anxiety, stress, exhaustion,and inability to focus into beautiful, useful, creative energy. (90 min. total)

These videos are expressly for you’ve been afraid, anxious or panicked about life after covid, your relationships, business, family, making a living, trying to live a fulfilled life, or if you’re having a hard time following your dream....

You’ll discover how to use your fear and ‘negative’ thoughts and beliefs to break out of your anxiety, so you can get on track to living a lovely, fulfilling CREATIVE life.

The instructions and exercises you get will look deceivingly simple. Don’t fool yourself. If you take what you get from this book and actively use it in your daily life, you’ll look back in a very short time in wonder that you ever suffered so much before.

As you watch the videos, you get to:

• Discover how to find, assess, and rate your ‘bad’ energy, so you can...

• Learn what to do with all that ‘bad’ stuff! Like:

• How to delete the habit of anxiety and your Restriction Code™

• Find out how to make your wishes come true; and...

• Find out how to choose creativity over anxiety... and way more!

“Always from the heart! You speak a language in that is understood on a higher plane - it shouts from everything you do. It is your identity and legacy.”
~ Craig McL., NZ

Angela Treat Lyon is an award-winning, internationally respected artist, author and energy coach with 30+ years experience as a practitioner and trainer in multiple energy and alternative healing methods. She holds online trainings, sessions, groups and workshops. Check her and her programs out at EFTBooks.com.

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Access to all 11 shorty videos of the zoom seminar, How to Turn Your ANXIETY into CREATIVITY. 90 min total watching time.

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